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With Advanced TuneUp you can:

  • Optimize your Windows computer with up to 50 different tweaks.
  • Simplify and Speed up your Startup and Shutdown.
  • Make your Windows computer more stable and secure.
  • Improve your system's appearance and efficiency.
  • Easily view and change your Windows and System settings.
  • Remove junk files from your hard drive and memory.
  • Use your system while Advanced TuneUp works in the background.

Windows Registry Cleaner

Identifies, removes or repairs any corrupted entries. After a deep registry cleaning, Windows will be able to access the information it needs from the registry more quickly, boosting both performance and stability.

Disk Cleaner

Eliminates the clutter that inevitably builds up over time in your disk drive to free up space and improve performance.

Privacy Cleaner

Deletes cookies, cache and history to protect your privacy and identity.


Cleans deeply without removing anything vital to your PC. Backsup all your files before cleaning.

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